Thursday, 17 March 2011

Indie Clothing

With the ways of indie music taking a storm into the world of music, their is a whole new style coming into course, and that style can be classified as indie clothing. In todays blog i'll be giving you guys some tips on where to buy "indie" clothing for buyers who want to pay cheap or for buyers who want to spend a little more.

We'll start off with the easiest and cheapest, which is "OP shops". They have really cheap clothes and accessories that have the old fashion look to them, which is what makes it todays fashion or the "New Black"

Secondly has got to be, There range of t-shirts is amazing and there range of indie jackets that are like Angus's from Angus and Julia stones consisted of pages and pages of different types. They also have great accessories for any person.

One of my Favourite stores has got to be "Urban Outfitters," their range in clothing reaches far and wide and there based all over the world. They are cheap and there style can fit anyone who is trying to get a new fashion look or the olden day style that fits in with todays society

For the final shop that i will be talking about is "Topman" though they are on the expensive side of the clothing industry they sell fantastic clothes that range from suits and jackets to funny t-shirts and shorts. There style revolves around its indie audience and in this is a good place to buy if you want to pay a little more than the usual cheap indie clothes.

Well thats for now Ladies and Gentleman, Hope you go have a look around the websites i've given or go to your local op shop that secreatly has great items


  1. Cool blog man, good luck! Following to see where this goes :)

  2. Yeah, I'll see what happens here too.

  3. Nice I love urban outfitters!

  4. Thanks for the tips, I usually shop at topman myself