Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Great Indie Musicians

From last year there has been and up incoming rise to the music industry, and the leaders of this are the indie musicians/bands. From this we start with the people who led this rise:

Little red; they formed in 2005 and set of with Triple J radio station. one of there hit songs we're coca cola which was their first big hit but was blown away by their song Rock that was realised 2010, wining them 2nd place in triple J's top 100

Hungry Kids of hungary ; their slow rise to fame started in 2007 during that period they played songs that were not known by the public on triple J which got them a tour in 2008.  In 2009 they brought out their hit song let you down which was a big within the indie cohort but was still not recognised by the mainstream audience that controls music in todays society. But in 2010 they brought out their song coming around, which was not only played on Triple J home of indie music of today but was played on all radio stations within the Queensland, Victoria and even NSW cohort.

For the final music band of this post we have spun it from Australian musicians to an American band:
Voxtrot: Though the band is gone now, they created the first era of indie music in Texas, Their hit song was "the start of something" From this it led to their success which led them to tour all over america, and in their last tour they announced that they would be breaking up.

Well thats all for now guys , enjoy the new songs you'll be adding to your ipod and remember come back every day because another post about music will be up!


  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm always looking for new music.

  2. Huge indie music fan here. followed