Sunday, 4 December 2011


After months of not posting , I have accumulated information that will provide all of you with clothing of the indie kind. The various shops and websites I have been to have lead me to find new ways of dressing and also new styles that I would not normally go for.

To start things off, the first website I went to was - Urban Outfitters, their range of clothing goes from casual t-shirt and shorts to button up shirt and chinos this look is perfect for anybody who wants a casual look but still likes to look good.

The second shop I found was topman, their stores are all over the world but the do have a site, their clothing is the best range of indie fashion, from amazing button up shirts to classy jeans.

And the third and final store is ASOS their range of clothing is quite interesting and cheap, they have a great range of shirts and shorts.

All in all any of these websites would be good if you were wanting to break into indie fashion

Thanks for reading!