Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bowie , Bowie and more Bowie

Im back ladies and gentlemen

But todays topic isn't about any indie band, its about a controversial man... Thats right ladies and gentlemen
David Robert Jones or in others words the man "David Bowie"

He was born on January 8th 1947 and grew up in Brixton London. His most controversial period was when he made his character "Ziggy Stardust" which he adopted during the 70s.

Some of his best songs are space oddity , Under pressure and best of all Starman!

Comment about your opinion on bowie or comment what songs you like by him as well!


  1. I really like Bowie. It's extremly interesting, how he managed to produce such a variety of good music over the years.

  2. i even like this serbian song about david bowie :D